Who we Are

Agroganic is an premier Ag-tech start-up created with the mission of ensuring that the farmers get access to the right inputs at the right time under the Brand Name of khushali Kisan Sewa i.e Agriculture Retails Chain with an Agri-enabled E-commerce platform for a wide range of fertilizers and chemicals, and advisories for agriscience through our expertise . Also Cold room for perishable Crops,Vegetable Fruits etc. The introduction of new feasibility related to agriculture can ensure the farmer’s access to the right product at the right time. The best compost and practices will bring healthier results. Our specialists are enacting with our customers to more advanced standards of soil and crops, which are building farmers well-grounded in their agronomy and fertile land.

With our one-in-all platform, they can get all the solutions in one place both offline and online. For the facilities and convenience of Farmers, they don’t need to travel far. They can go to their nearest centers for opt the earliest services and guidance. We already have 25 centers now and we are building hundreds more. Khushali kisan is a promise for a more secure livelihood for the farmer community and self-reliance in terms of food for the nation at large.


Our Vision

Khushali Kisan has a vision for sustainable and environmental protection. Food is our fuel, and it's critical for all of us to consume good and healthy food to stay fit, which we may not get if the food we eat every day is from an unhealthy crop. In this era, where various varieties of fertilizers and chemicals are present in the market, it can be challenging for a farmer to choose the correct product, especially when they are illiterate or have only partial knowledge of farming, which can be harmful to both breeders and others too. So, for bettering cultivators and for the better growth of crops, the organization created an accessible platform where farmers can get consultations, online and offline agrochemicals stores, rent types of farming equipment, and warehouses to unroot bewilderment and to create a diverse awareness of the usage and buying of the correct agro-products and for the better protection of crops. Khushali Kisan Sewa wants to build healthy and viable environs where both consumers.


Our Mission

The company’s mission is to initiate distinct perceptions of cropping and its cultivation, its products, and their usage use, renting equipment, consultancy, warehouse keepers, etc. In other words, the firm wants to lessen the burden and confusion of peasants so that planters can create the best quality of horticulture and shape the vital aspirations of the working class with the complete utilities which are planned with the complications and wrestle of a farmhand can have, in addition to 30 years of the enterprising occurrence, accompanied by a profound understanding of agro-chemicals and freight with the understanding of our originator, which leads to magnificent outcomes.

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Agricultural Retail Stores

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Serving 1 Lac Plus Farmer